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We’re going to have a few posts that are standing and that will come back every week/month and one of them is “Thoughts of the month” where we reflect over the month, ups and downs, what we learned and what we want to do differently for next month. January let’s go! K: January has been a hectic month for me. From celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family home in Sweden, I worked in Stockholm for a few days, flew down to Nicole, created NIKA, flew back to L.A and then get back into routines again even though school hasn’t started yet and I had my dog pass away at home. It has been a long month but I am also happy and grateful that I went home during my break and saw everyone I love. Favorite pictures from the month: It was hard to pick favorites from this month since I have done so much during January. Some favorites are the ones of the last pictures I took of Cocos, my first dog. He was sick with cancer and we knew we only had a few days left and it was especially hard to get on the plane for that reason and knowing that I couldn’t be a part of his last days and that it was a goodbye. To get on with the happier note, Nicole and I took so many pictures for NIKA and for us. We had a whole photo-day with five different outfits and locations and planned the whole day and looked at Pinterest for inspiration. So fun to get some pictures together and create content for NIKA! I went skiing in Big Bear which is only 2.5h outside L.A! It was such a spontaneous weekend and we had so much fun. So fun to ski again and hang out with my favorite people.

When I think about January 2020, will I remember…

Cocos, my dog.That we started the year with creating NIKA and also that I got my love back for L.A again. I thought about that the other day when I sat at a coffee shop that this is really my home, my hometown, my neighborhood, and everything feels pretty again. It was a release to come back home (L.A) from home (Sweden) which feels very calming and also safe. Everything takes time. Clap on the shoulder for… Taking action on my new year’s resolutions, I have eaten so much better and my skin is feeling better, I have done yoga every day (!) and followed a yoga challenge on Youtube (coming up soon on Tip of the week) and I have got into good routines. A good start of the new year!

For the coming month, I will… Start school again, fun but it has also been so nice to just hang out in L.A and don’t have anything than fun things to do, but I also look forward to school. My friend Aleks is also coming to town, we were au pairs at the same time and we have planned many fun things when she’s visiting! I’m ready for February!

N: Wow, what a month! My month has also been so hectic but so much fun! I celebrated the New Year in Spain with my boyfriend, my best friend Jenny and her boyfriend. Best way to start the year! Kajsa came to visit, we worked on NIKA and spend a lot of quality time together! I tried to squeeze in work and Spanish classes in between all the fun. My sister is in 9th grade and they have a week of internship that they need to do. She decided to do her internship at my work in here Spain! We had such a fun week – both at work and in our free time! It is so much fun that she is finally old enough to fly down herself.

Favorite pictures from the month: These pictures sum up my first month of the year perfectly. A hectic month but have had so much fun with family and friends which makes me very happy!

When I think about January 2020, will I remember…

Jenny, Kajsa, and Melanie. Theirs visits made my month! One thing I love about living back in Europe is that everything feels so close! Flying from Finland to Spain only takes four hours. Compared to flying from LA to NYC takes six hours…

Clap on the shoulder for…

Rubén and I decided to become vegan a Monday halfway through the month… I desperately texted all my vegetarian/ vegan friends and asked for recipes and help. What can I say? We were vegan for three days before we ate fish, cheese, and eggs again…For me, the meat is no problem at all, but living in Spain where the seafood is amazing I just can’t cut it from my diet. Anyhow, we are not 100% vegans obviously but since then we have eaten way more vegan and vegetarian than ever – which I am proud of and it feels so good!

For the coming month, I will…

February will start with vacation and a lot of travel for me actually! I am very excited about our upcoming trips but I am also looking forward to getting back into everyday life, routines, work and working out. Its been a while since I had just an ordinary day – or at least it feels like it, so I am looking forward to getting back to it, to be honest. February is going to fly by so fast – I am excited for the new month!


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