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Hello July! Let's kick off with some thoughts of June!

K: June is over! I believe June has been my best month so far as of 2020. L.A has opened up more and more, I have been to restaurants again, been hanging out with Maiken as much as possible, been running, having friends over for dinners, celebrated our mini-graduation and been doing a lot of fun stuff!

Favorite pictures of the month:

My favorite pictures from June are from Maiken and my camping trip, Midsummer, and our roadtrip up to Napa and then down to Monterey and Big Sur. I am so happy that we took the opportunity to get out of the city for a while, to see something new and create new memories!

When I think about June 2020, will I remember…

I finally got a haircut haha! Also that restaurants started to open again, but also how weird it actually is to go to a restaurant nowadays. To get your temperature checked, having maks when not eating and not getting the same personal contact since half of their face, and my face is covered. I will also remember spending as much time as I could and can with Maiken before she's moving back to Amsterdam, so thankful for the strong friendship that we have created from the last months!

Clap on the shoulder for… 

Keeping busy! Finishing my spring semester and starting my summer semester. Also, clap on the shoulds for all the weekend trips I have been doing with Maiken, organizing Midsummer, and keeping up with school and weekend activities!

For the coming month, I will…

Study a lot! I can't wait to write about our next thoughts of July since I then only have a few days left of the summer semester. I also think I am going to be more here in L.A, Maiken is going to be gone and I will have a lot of schools. I want to be better at catching up with my friends and family in July, I feel like I haven't been as good as I use to by calling them, I am aiming for that!

N: I can not believe we are halfway through the year already? Although this year has been very special and different. When June is over it feels like it is officially summer. So different from having an adult job and work all summer, instead of having summer holidays, hehe.

Favorite pictures of the month:

I must agree with Kajsa, this has been the best month of 2020 so far. A lot of work and fun during the weekends. Late-night swimming in the sunset, beach days with friends, and weekend get-aways.

When I think about May 2020, will I remember…

We were able to have two weekends getaways this month. One weekend we visited an old fishing town, called Peniscola, 3 hours north of Alicante. SO cute! Somewhere I definitely would go again, and if you are planning to go to Spain, go there! Another weekend we went up to the mountains and had a weekend relaxing and just hanging out, so needed sometimes.

Clap on the shoulder for…

Getting back into routines (getting up early every morning) and I structure my day for work. I have so much going on, and time is really flying for me, but it feels good! I am working a lot during the weekdays and really having fun and relaxing during the weekends.

For the coming month, I will…

I have somehow completely forgotten what a gym is? My membership is getting dusty and right now it just feels like I wasted a fortune on something I forgot about. Want to get back into that! I also wish to have more cozy getaways during the weekends but also find fun things during weekdays between work. I always think it is fun with a new month, it feels like a fresh start! July, you better be good!


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