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N: March… what a crazy month! The first half of March was normal with work, gym, hanging out with friends and date nights. I had a good two weeks!!! The second half was obviously not as fun since we in Spain have been locked down for almost three weeks now due to Corona. Looking at the bright side though, here comes a summary of my March!

Favorite pictures of the month: I had a really cozy picnic on the cliffs by the beach with some friends an afternoon after work, so nice to be able to do that in March (not what I was used to growing up)!!! I went to IKEA for a visit on a Saturday with my friend Jenna. It turned into an adventure when we had to lift the sofa into the car through the roof hehe… and my last picture is a date night one of these quarantine nights at home – making the most of the situation!

When I think about March 2020, will I remember… That Corona started on a serious scale in Spain and the whole country has house arrest.

Clap on the shoulder for… Being active under the lockdown! I actually started the Yoga challenge Kajsa recommended a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE IT! Also trying to work out several times a week since we can not go out and so far so good I must say! We also bought a jumping rope (I highly recommend it!) that we are using a lot!

For the coming month, I will… Continue being home… unfortunately, I don’t think we will be able to go back to our normal lives during April, but let’s see! It is really hard to plan life right now and we just have to take every day as its own. I will for sure try some new recipes, work on my Spanish a little extra and play lots of Parchisi!!!

K: I can’t more than agree to what Nicole wrote, it started as a normal month with school, things to do during the weekends to lockdown for my part. But let’s sum up Match!

Favorite picture of the month: Not that many pictures we’re taking during this month, but for the first part of the month did I do a lot of hikes and discovered some new hikes! Fun after walking in the same trails for 3 years! I also hanged out with my old host kids and we had a day together where we went for dinner and then to the movies, quality time! 

When I think about March 2020, will I remember… L.A lockdown and how much there is to miss in the everyday. It’s also weird to think that we are going through something historical at this moment and how this probably will change or lives in many ways further on.

Clap on the shoulder for… Keeping up with school as good as I can! And also make sure to talk even more to the people around me that I love and care about. Also, clap on the shoulder for my cooking, I have stepped up in the kitchen and done a lot of fun recipes this month since there’s not that much more to do than eat 🙂

For the coming month, I will… Start a real schedule even though I am just at home. I feel that I need to create new routines and defiantly get out and move when I can. I have also made a little quarantine to do, like cleaning out my computer from old files and go over my hard drive with pictures. I also ordered a scrapbook where I want to print my favorite pictures and put them in my photo album! That will be Aprils to do, and our Aprils writing challenge that is coming up, stay tuned!


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