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Last day of May?!

I hope you are not getting tired of us always writing about how fast every month is flying by, but we guess that many of you can relate to that. OK let's get into what we have been up to in May!

K: May has gone by faster then ever and I don't know if I am ready for the summer(?) Where did all this spring go and how can I only have less then three weeks of school? May has overall been a good month! Nicole and I have been stepping up with NIKA which feels so fun! We are spending SO much time on all this and we hope you also get something out of reading and coming along on our journey. We love to do this and we hope that this is only the beginning of NIKA! <3 

Favorite pictures of the month:

Now during May have I hanged out with Maiken a lot. So happy for our friendship and how easy everything is around her. Maiken is moving back to Amsterdam in July which breaks my heart but we will squeeze in as much time as we can until then. It is also so cool with all the friendships I have around the world. So grateful for all the connections I am getting and the friendships I am creating by traveling. My favorite pictures are from celebrating Astrid's birthday in Palos Verdes. Drive-in movies with my group of friends in three different cars. And, from Memorial Day studying in the park with Astrid and Louise. 

When I think about May 2020, will I remember…

That the beaches closed and then that they opened up again. May has sort of felt like the "worst" Corona-month. March and April have also been bad but in May we understood that this will be with us for a long period. I got the news that the fall semester will be held online and hiking trails and beaches closed all around L.A county. But, as now, have they also started to open up again which is different but also relieving. I will also remember that my little brother turned 18 years old, crazy to have such a big little brother. I wished I was home to celebrate him.

Clap on the shoulder for… 

Yoga! I started the year with a goal to do a headstand and during the last few weeks have I practiced headstands regularly and I start to become very stable. Also, clap on the shoulder for doing the things we can do according to the stay at home orders. As going to the beach, hiking, biking, making mini-road trips, seeing friends on distance, and trying to stay positive and accepting that the fall semester will be held online.

For the coming month, I will… Graduate with my Business certificate! I have now studied all the required classes for my Business certificate. I am going to continue to study in L.A for another year to get an A.A in Business and hopefully transfer somewhere. I haven't figured it out yet! For the coming month will I also study. During the summer am I going to take two classes, English and Communication to speed up my education and not take as many classes in the following semesters. It's a great way to use my time since I am staying indoors a lot anyways but I am also a bit "nervous" to start taking normal classes outside my major. For the fall will I also take more general courses that are required for a degree. Looking forward to that but also a bit nervous. Let's go June!

N: For me, this month has felt so long - I felt like it was never-ending somehow. A lot of things have happened. Our quarantine in Spain is finally over and we have been able to be out for two weeks now. Half of the month we have gone back to something “some kind of” normal, although it is far from that, we are getting there with baby steps.

Favorite pictures of the month: Finally be able to have taco-night with friends! We had a super cozy Friday night!! We are also finally able to go for hikes etc, one of my favorite things to do, so I am so happy! Last but not least, I had a cozy date-night with my boyfriend by the harbor in the sunset. I am sure you understand that I am SO happy to finally be able to go out!!!

When I think about May 2020, will I remember… Masks haha.. but on a more serious note, it is so important and we all take our responsibility, I am always wearing it, but I am struggling. In Spain, you need to wear a mask all time, and it is so warm here, I just feel like it is so hard to breathe with it.

Clap on the shoulder for… being back to work and the office - we have had an amazing month, I am so proud of my team!

For the coming month, I will… Work work work and have a vacation! I am really excited to back at work and work a lot. I want to get up early and get back into good routines. I also want to get back into work-out routines! I can't believe summer is here! I hope June is good for you!


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