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Monday and Tip of the Week!

I really hope our new blog and design is up and running by now! We are so excited to share the new design and we also have some ideas on how we want to build our website and posts for the future! So crazy that we are doing this together, planning and putting out content for every week and we hope you like to read it, we love to plan, write, and come up with new ideas and expanding NIKA!

For this Tip of the Week do I, Kajsa, want to give a little shoutout to my Instagram account @ks.sunsetcollection An account I started just a few weeks ago and just a place where I can save my photos of sunrises and sunsets! I have so many pictures who are just laying in my camera roll and I thought it would be fun to collect them somewhere. So if you want some more sunshine in your feed and see my gems in L.A and around the world check it out, hugs!


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