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Starting this post, I can not believe we have had NIKA up and running for 20 weeks?? I am so glad that we started when we did and although it is only been four months, I am so proud of the progress we have made. It feels like we are figuring out day by day in what direction we want to go, and we are getting closer. I am proud that we felt confident enough to share this process with you!

Let's jump into the tip of the week! I was o struggling to choose what to write about today so I ended up choosing everything. I, Nicole, am having a vacation this week, I have a lot of things besides work to do, but I really want to slow down, to fun things, relax and enjoy every moment!

Below you find pictures of what I am dreaming of right now. This week I am going to watch the sunrise (the sun rises at 06.37am in Spain) if you have a chance to watch the sunrise, do it!! It gives me so much energy and it is so calming at the same time. I will read a couple of chapters in a book I started reading this weekend (I am currently reading rich dad poor dad). I am longing for New York (!!!) so I will watch a lot of NYC movies and series! I also found a recipe for these chocolate chip cookies that I desperately want to bake! Most important of all, I really want to have a cozy and calm week.

To wrap this up, I hope you, who is reading get a really nice and relaxing week. Remember to find and do something every day that you enjoy!

Last but not least, I want to mention that I am thrilled about the response we got yesterday on Victoria's guest writing, if you haven't read it yet, you find it here!


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