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It’ time for some beauty-talk here at NIKA! I, Kajsa, have always had a lot of problems with acne, especially hormonal acne in the last few years. I can easily see a connection between what I eat and what products I am using and I thought I would cheer for a new brand I have been using lately - Ole Henriksen and EltaMD with SPF!

Acne is, of course, different for everyone, I have had problems with my acne since I was 17 years old and it started to be a lot of acne on my cheeks and now it’s more around my mouth. For the last year, especially half a year can I see a big difference by changing my eating habits and also products that I am using and how important it’s to stay dehydrated, use SPF, and drink water. So, I thought I could share my morning and evening skincare routine!

I purchased Ole Henriksen’s mini-kits, which also been on sale lately, so much more affordable when trying out the products! I will link it here too! Anyone else with problems with hormonal acne? Please comment if you have tips for products or anything!




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