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Hi Monday! This week's tip of the week might be a bit different from what we use to post and recommend but wanted to share a tip that has helped me the last year - running!

When moving back to L.A did I knew that I wanted to change and create new routines, to make L.A feel new again and to feel that moving back was something different. In just a few weeks's am I celebrating one year back in the city, which feels crazy. I thought I would publish another post about L.A and that when it's getting closer to one year, but it has been a lot, in so many different ways, but something important during this year has been my progress in running and working out. 

I have always been active my whole life and participated in different sports but when not being on a team anymore has it of course been harder to find motivation and actually getting out. Because of that did I decide when moving back to start running, create new goals, and focus on my body and how I could make it strong after a lot of different health-related problems. I do now run about three times a week, two shorter runs during the weekdays and then a longer one at the weekends. Tuesday and Thursdays have become my run-days and even though it's hard to get out of bed at 6.30 has it been important for me to stick to the same days and to get it done. I always run in the morning, always before breakfast, and for me is working out easier in the morning. To kick start the day but also since it's getting warmer throughout the day year around here. Running itself is not too fun but you have to make it fun and I see it as my me-time. To listen to my favorite music, let the thoughts come and go and plan my day, or the week, while I run. 

Along the way have I came up with different goals, I even signed up for the half marathon this spring, but it got canceled just when COVID started. It was easier and more motivating to run when I actually had a race planned but now I try to beat my times and become faster and stronger. My best tips when it comes to running, and starting to run is to;

  • Start slow. It's going to be hard in the beginning and the beginning of the run is still my hardest part and where I want to give up the most. Start with shorter runs and then work your way up if you want to run longer distances. 

  • Invest in good shoes. Something that has helped my knees, heals and chins are the importance of having good shoes. I run in a pair from Newbalance but I should probably get a new pair soon, been running a lot of miles in them. 

  • Run with running socks. When I started to run longer distances did I get problems with chin split and I needed to rest, stretch my chins on a roller and run on better conditions. Something I believe has helped too has been running with running socks, those high and tight socks that go all the way up to your knees, and I never run without them anymore. 

  • Track your running. I have used the app Runkeeper and for me has it been important, fun, and motivating to track and also to see progress, but also important not to get too caught up with your numbers and times. 

  • Running playlist or listen to a podcast. When I run longer distances do I sometimes put on a podcast, maybe not as motivating as good music but it makes the run easier if it's an interesting episode and to get caught up to something else then the run. 

I hope you find this motivating and fun to read about, please share your best tips and get out and run! :) 


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