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30 days yoga challenge – Yoga with Adrienne

For this week’s tip of the week, we’re inspiring with ”Yoga with Adrienne” and her 30 days yoga challenge. I, Kajsa, have just finished her 30 days challenge and I have to admit that I didn’t do it every day so it looked me more than a month to finish but it was a perfect way to get yoga into my everyday routine. The videos are from 20-30 minutes which everyone has time for and I either did it the first thing when I woke up or before going to bed. The best thing about the challenge was to learn more about the basics and also get more confident by just getting guided by her voice and not always need to watch. One of my New Years’ resolutions was to do more yoga and I also want to learn to stand on my hands, which makes this a great practice. Hands up for Yoga with Adrienne!


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