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Today’s mood: Feeling good! I had some friends over for dinner yesterday, we were celebrating that summer semester is over with som Swedish taco. I also ran 10K yesterday so I feel a bit sore, I haven’t run that far in forever but it felt great, so yes, a bit tired today!

Today’s should: Vacuum and prepare posts for NIKA and plan for the fall while I am off, but I will probably save that for next week.

Today’s hairstyle: So far just a bun, I recently woke up and are going to the beach a bit later.

Today’s make up: No makeup, a face mask at the moment before my shower! I never use makeup anymore, this lockdown and quarantine have been great for my acne in that way! :)

Today’s plans: I started the day by watching the first three episodes of Selling Sunset, booth Nicole and I are hooked, so the plans are to see some more episodes, and then am I seeing some friends at the beach this afternoon!

Todays’s thoughts: To look more into doing a road trip, my friends and I want to get out of L.A and travel while we are off from school, I want to visit Zion National Park!

Today’s material wants: Beach dresses, need to update my beach wardrobe, and also some new cozy knitted sweaters for the fall.


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