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Victoria Adamczak - Create new career goals, and how to take the next step

I’s the time of the month again, time for me to share some thoughts and insights. And fitting enough, since I started a new job only one week ago, I’m going to write about the topic: Create new career goals, and how to take the next step.

First of all, I will share the details of my new job with those who are curious. I was offered the role as PR Specialist at an agency here in Stockholm called JMWGolin, which I gladly accepted. Almost two weeks in I already feel that this was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. I am looking forward to continuing to build my career with inspiring colleagues and clients, a warm and hearty environment, and new challenges along the way.

But now, this month’s topic:

Sometimes in life, I have felt stuck, and I know that’s a fact for many others. It’s applicable in many situations in life, but recently I have felt stuck career-wise. On my last day working at my now previous job, my boss told me ”From the first time you put your foot in this place I noticed a very young person with a lot of hunger, and now, not so very young anymore, I believe that same hunger is the reason why we are losing you”

That stuck with me, in a very heartfelt way, because he is right. And it made me appreciate that hunger, even if it forces me to deal with uncomfortable situations sometimes. Such as asking for a raise, standing up for yourself, or quitting your job.

So - what are you supposed to do when feeling stuck in your career? I know for a fact that it causes a lot of frustration and hopelessness. This is of course individual for every person, every job, and every company. But the main point is - when feeling stuck, do something about it. That is the only way forward in order to grow and be happy.

Do you recognize yourself? Perhaps the next steps might help. Or if not, save for a rainy day.

Identify the problem

Do you feel stuck in the sense that your personal development has come to a crossroads? Do you feel uninspired by your colleagues, or are you dissatisfied with your salary? These are all legit reasons to lose the spark. The first thing you should do is to identify the problem areas in order to take the bull by the horns.

Speak to colleagues or others in the industry

Have you identified the problem and what grinds your gears, but feel uncertain on how to take action? Speak to a colleague you trust, a friend who gives cleaver advice or someone else in the same industry as yourself. Perhaps some of them have been in the same situation and can share both valuable insights and learned mistakes.

Speak to your boss

Do you think the solution is found within the company? In that case - prepare yourself thoroughly and talk to your boss. Let him or her know how you feel - most companies value their employees and will therefore appreciate you bringing it to the table. If you feel stuck in your role - write down all the reasons why you deserve a promotion and be as specific as possible. If you get an uncertain answer, demand feedback, and a concrete time plan. You should not settle for a ”we’ll see”. Remember they hired you for a reason and as long as you are achieving on your end, it’s their job as an employer to make sure to feel inspired and given the opportunity to grow.

Broaden your horizons

Sometimes the problem is bigger than a small specific matter. Either way - dare to look outside your window, figuratively speaking. Everyone needs a change of scenery sometimes, some sooner or later. There is no right answer to ”when” it’s time to change the workplace. Some people stay at their jobs for 20 years, happily. Some leave after only a few months. The important thing is that you feel inspired, happy, safe, and challenged. Don’t overthink things like how it will look in your resumé or what others will think. Listen to your gut feeling and the rest will fall into place.

Last but not least - Embrace your hunger, it’s your inner compass to when it’s time to take the next step. Whatever that step might be.


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