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During our Writing Challenge, one of the days said “Write about something you always think “what if…” about”. Which made us think more about this subject and there’s so much to say. So we thought we would share some of the things we wrote from our what if’s.

K: The first thing that popped up in my head when I read the sentence was what if I wouldn’t have applied as an au pair to the USA in the first place. SO much in my life has changed from when I sent in my au pair application and started to look for host families and then moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of 2017. I got a second family, met friends for life, and I fell in love with a city so much that I decided that I had to go back. Right where I am now writing this. From starting our first project with our YouTube channel, Au Pair W Kajsa & Nicole, it also made me wanted to work for the organization I went with as an au pair, Cultural Care. It made me apply for a job opportunity and I moved to Stockholm. Working also made me realize that I needed to learn more to be able to work my way up and I moved back to L.A to study. It’s crazy to think about that a city that I never had been to before, is a city I am going to spend about 5 years in total. (Depending on how long I decide to stay in school here.) And my twenties are all connected to traveling and the city of Los Angeles.

When trying to think “what if…” I hadn’t moved to Los Angeles in the first place, do believe that I would have stayed in my city for a while. Worked and saved some money, maybe traveld for a longer trip, probably to Asia or Australia, maybe worked as a travel guide, started to study, and then I have no idea.

I believe that living abroad has helped my confidence and my relationship with myself in so many ways. I feel so much wiser, stronger mentally, and feel secure with myself in a different way. I also believe that traveling has taught me about life in a hard way too. That it’s all about yourself and being on my own. Find solutions when it feels impossible. Dare to ask for help but also help others. When reading Nicole’s text do I feel so much similarity. The feeling of always wanting more, which can be good or bad. I believe that it has made me experience the world that I never knew about if I hadn’t dared to try in the first place. Thank you, Kajsa in 2017, for moving to L.A that started everything of where you are today, proud over that you dared to think “what if…”, never stop with that.

N: For as long I can remember I always wanted more, of everything. Maybe even in a bad way, I was never satisfied and I was always longing for the next place or the next thing to do. It felt like a fire inside of me that was thriving to find something new and exciting in everything. I moved abroad two weeks after I graduated high school and I was finally satisfied with where I was. When I look back and think “What if”… what if I wouldn’t have moved abroad? I could not even imagine, I was meant to be like this, there is no other way. 

Life is a journey and the best part of it is that it never stops. I have continued and moved around the globe, tried several cities and several countries and I am far from done. Sometimes there comes a moment when I need to make a decision and I might hesitate for a minute and rethink, what do I want to do? Although, I know all the answers are within me. It might be scary, sometimes it is, don’t get me wrong, but I think that it is the only way to really find out what makes you happy. There are uncountable times over the past four years I have been so scared over what is going to happen, but the only way I can find out is to try. I rather live with the knowledge of trying than the fear of not knowing. I also see all my decisions as learnings and that they are pushing me in the right direction in life and where I am supposed to be.

What if I wouldn’t have moved to Delaware? Then I probably wouldn’t have moved to Los Angeles, where I met Kajsa and we would not be writing this today. If I did not meet my friend Klara in L.A, I probably wouldn’t have moved to London. If I wouldn’t have moved to London, I probably wouldn’t have moved to Spain, since I met Ruben in London. The list goes on and on. Everything in life is connected to each other. In one way or the other. You just have to start getting the ball rolling and it will take you to your next place where you are supposed to be. I am sure of it! 

As Kajsa wrote, there are so many things we are thinking “what if…” about, all the time. When you dare to think “what if…” the magic will start to happen!

So our question to you is, what do you think “WHAT IF…” about?


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