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Happy Sunday! We hope you are having a cozy Sunday before the new weeks starts tomorrow. We wrote a post and found our best pictures to describe what we are craving at the moment. Hope you like it, x!

K: Nothing beats a Swedish summer, not even a summer in California, that’s for sure. I crave our garden at my parents place and go on vacation with the family and barbequing.

K: Within the same category do I miss sitting on Josefine’s balcony drinking drinks and having Emilie over in Stockholm and having drinks on rooftops.

K: Nicole! Even though we didn’t live in the same county, did we at least lived in the same continent. I want to be able to plan, and look forward too next time we will see each other.

K: L.A before lockdown. I crave to go to a café and sit down, ordering an iced coffee and for not speaking about meeting up with some frieds for dinner and a drink. I crave going to the bar, going to the club, an after party in the hills and dancing with my friends haha!

N: I am craving London! Miss being able to stop by Bernardis, the cozy restaurant in the corner for a glass of wine and some tapas after work before making dinner at home and not to talk about all the fun the city comes with. London, I had a good time while living with you!

N: Adventures!!! Craving finding hidden gems. I love nature and beautiful pladces filled with adventure. Tomorrow we can finally be able to turn back to some kind of “normal” and go out again. This summer since we can not travel outside Spain I want to try to explore more places around!

N: To brunch must be one of my favorite things in this life. I can not wait to try new brunch places, have long brunches with friends!!! Also, I cant wait to meet my friends again!

N: Last but definitely not least – I am craving, NYC! New York, New York – a city to nice, the named it twice. I miss New York and its enery more than I can explain. Can not wait to be back and visit friends and family, fingers crossed that it will happen, rather soon than later.


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