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I literally fell into real estate a year ago. One of the best and most fun decisions I have ever taken! It’s a job that covers everything I love and need. It’s challenging, exciting and most important of all: it is so much fun!

Funny enough, It is nothing I ever thought about working with. Today when I think of it – it totally makes sense. Before when I thought about a real estate agent I only thought of “people that sell houses” and no more. There is so much more to the story – the process! Everything from starting a new project, connecting with clients and actually signing the contracts and handing over the keys. You have no idea how many deals that are so near to close but they just slip through your fingers. Most annoying and irritating feeling ever.

I started working in Real Estate while living in London. I worked for the biggest real estate agency in London that has over 60 offices in Central London. I completely loved every second of it! Although the long hours every day it gave me so much and it challenged me in different ways. For me, the most important thing while working is, noticing that I can do it and that I feel that I am succeeding in my very own way – which I did! Best feeling in the world! Although you compete with your work colleges you also compete with yourself every month and every week. I worked as a lettings negotiator in Marylebone and Mayfair while living in London.

I think it is really important that you feel that you are succeeding in your job and that you feel that you can accomplish what you want. For me, it is so important to go over my goals and dreams and take a step back and look over what I want and what tools I need to get there. The team around is also so important.

When moving to Spain I wanted to continue working in real estate and I was super lucky to start working for Skandinaviska Mäklarhuset, where I currently work as well. It is really fun to see the different markets and the differences between the UK and Spain. It is completely different and so interesting. The biggest difference between working in the lettings market in central London and working in the sales market now is for sure the pace. In London, everything should have been done YESTERDAY and in Spain, it is very much mañana, mañana haha

What I also love about the real estate is that there is no limit. You can work and earn as much as you decide. You create your own goals and also your own limits, so at the end of the day, it is only up to me if I succeed or not. A little scary but it is challenging and I need to push myself to become better.

All picutes are taken from http://skandinaviskamaklarhuset.com/

Are you in the position that you want to try something new or change your career path? It is so important to believe in yourself and be surrounded by people that believe in you and push you. One of my greatest tips is obviously to have a good resume and a personal letter. Here is a great website where you can make it for free: https://www.canva.com/

I also would recommend you to just try! If there is a company that you want to work for and even if they are not hiring at that time – send in your resume and personal letter anyway! (This is actually how I got my current job!!) Explain why they need you and how you could make their company better. It might feel a little scary, but if you don’t reach out to them – how would they even know about you?

Last but not least, if you are feeling stuck or hate you job – it is time to change! They are a million jobs out there waiting for you. I know it might feel uncomfortable but life is too short to be wasted on something you don’t enjoy and your talent can not be wasted either! Make a new resume, write a personal letter and apply!

Hit me up if you have any questions at all, I am more than happy to answer! x


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